May. 25th, 2011

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May 23, another magazine day:
  • Moors Line Spring 2011. Another specialist publication, this is the journal of the preserved North York Moors Railway. Instead of the usual robust discussion of motive power, the argument this quarter is about whether the LNER Coach Association should dispose of some of its very debilitated carriages or keep them for eventual refurbishment.
  • Private Eye 1288.
  • What's Brewing (May issue) and BEER (Summer issue). These are the CAMRA newspaper and magazine about beer, respectively. BEER used to be in a newspaper format and also come out monthly, which made it a bit odd that it was nominally separate from WB, but it's now more obviously its own thing.

May 24:
  • Soul of the City (finished).
  • Thieves' World 9: Blood Ties (started). Well, I'm still plugging through these. The plot seems to have exploded and gone off in all directions. Apparently there were actually 12 or so - I may be seeing if Porcupine can oblige me with 10-12.
  • How to Play in Traffic. Penn and Teller. I've read it before, but it's fun, even given the usual dose of silly properatarian propaganda.

May 25:
  • Blood Ties (almost finished).


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