May. 21st, 2011

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May 19: nothing!
May 20:
  • Thieves' World 8: Soul of the City (continuing). This is a bit odd: the shared-universe series (bought by Jim Baen, who appears to have known everyone in US SF in the Ace days) started with many authors writing largely unconnected books, but around book 6 got a serious ongoing plot with relatively few people working on it - this volume is entirely Cherryh, Lynn Abbey, and Janet Morris - which felt like a bit of a hiccup but is working quite well by book 8. Like any shared-universe thing, they're a bit hit and miss, with good authors and bad ones. The odd thing about Thieves' World is everyone is so thoroughly unpleasant that David Drake's protagonist - a standard Drake "originally good person compelled to do dreadful things" - is relatively likeable, because everyone else does dreadful things and feels less bad about it afterwards.

May 21 (so far):
  • Inside the Atom (started because I forgot to bring my book). Asimov, popsci, 1974. So far it's got the lies-to-children of GCSE Chemistry, only with an acknowledgement of when he is glossing over complications.


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